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Celebrating Psychological Elegance

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Wanderlust Festival
Amplified Yoga
Tribeca Film Festival
SAGAftra Foundation

Contracted Clients :
Bel-air Presbyterian
Saint Lukes Methodist 
Spain in Cinema Film Awards
SAGAftra Foundation
The Hollywood Film Society
Strikeforce MMA 
Haiti Earthquake Relief 
LA Fashion Week
IslaUrbana : Fresh Water for Mexico 

Director Agent Representation CONTEUR Internationale 

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THE VON HOFFMAN PICTURE COMPANY directs entire visual portfolios to promote and/or pitch completed creative projects. 

THE VON HOFFMAN PICTURE COMPANY is booked direct at  630 : $750  photo rate with a 14 business day turnaround of 24 images delivered in JPEG or PDF format and press ready.

THE VON HOFFMAN PICTURE COMPANY  is booked direct at  2720 : $3200  to direct film up to 5 minutes of completed footage for live projected gallery show, city-wide or public use. 

THE VON HOFFMAN PICTURE COMPANY is currently looking for European co-funding for a feature film project slated to preview by Fall/Winter of 2028.

DM @thevonhoffman
Venmo To Book @Beaureguarde  

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